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Any Other Day, Craig Freeman

Hailing from Australia, UK born Craig Freeman’s vocals are invitingly smooth, exactly what one anticipates hearing when tuning into a singer-songwriter with a soulful gaze and an arsenal of instruments to support him. Freeman’s debut EP, Any Other Day, is a mellow indictment of wasted time and could have, would have, should haves people say to themselves about pivotal moments in their lives. “Live For Today” and “Shadow Room” are especially telling, in which Freeman urges, “Don’t waste your time” and “Take it all/It’s gone too soon.”

Freeman, who has cited Paul McCartney and Damien Rice as some of his inspirations, really hits a nerve in the second track, “Hookers and Thieves.” It is the darkest song on the EP, aided by a somber piano that guides the guitar and drums through the shadows. The speaker has strayed from his original life plan. He has given up, suffocated by all the madness. “It’s all pulling me down,” Freeman sings. “Just leave me here with the hookers and thieves/ I’ll drift away in a haze of bad dreams.” The song seems to echo the inner conflict during a wrong turn. It is too late, we tell ourselves. Ah, but have no fear. There is tomorrow. There is today. There is Any Other Day.

Lauren Camacho / Bryan Farrish Promotions ~ November 8, 2012

Tour Dates

  • 27/06/2021Element Bar - Coffs Harbour Jetty, NSW
  • 09/07/2021Element Bar - Coffs Harbour Jetty, NSW
  • 11/07/2021Seaview Tavern - Woolgoolga, NSW

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